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Benefits of Contract Automation

Streamline legal operations, reduce costs, and help grow your firm’s business with contract automation.

Free up internal resources

Outsource entire document processes and empower your organization with our ongoing document and data management.

Reduce turnaround times

Receive fast turnaround times from dedicated, experienced lawyers leveraging top-tier technology to process your documents.

Unlock data-driven insights

Generate data-driven insights across the full suite of your contracts to benchmark against precedent, inform negotiations, and improve results.

Lower your legal costs

Enjoy fixed fees that are a fraction of those charged by a traditional law firm. Reduce the opportunity cost and employee churn caused by using in-house solutions.

How Contract Automation works with Ontra

Negotiate and manage routine contracts with a combination of data-driven technology and a distributed network of top-tier legal talent. Get real-time visibility into contract status with automated tools to track ongoing negotiations.


  • Submit contracts for negotiation with one click.
  • Digitize and summarize analog contracts with AI-powered tools.
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  • Tap Ontra’s network of specialized contract lawyers to negotiate on your behalf.
  • Create playbooks to negotiate favorable contract terms quickly and consistently.
  • Track status throughout the contract negotiation process.
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  • Get automated emails with links to contracts that are ready to sign.
  • Execute contracts from any device via DocuSign integration.
  • Automatically store executed agreements on the Ontra platform and send a copy to all signing parties.
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  • Retrieve and review contracts fast with ML-based search tools.
  • Keep relevant parties informed and engaged with automated email notifications.
  • Generate reports of contract key terms to understand historical precedent.
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