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The Fir Tree legal team found themselves negotiating and managing a growing number of increasingly complex NDAs and vendor contracts as the result of several new product offerings.

image description Solution
Fir Tree partnered with Ontra to streamline legal operations, quickly transitioning the management of NDAs, then vendor contracts, to a fully outsourced platform with a network of highly skilled attorneys.

Today Fir Tree benefits from:
  • image descriptionFaster NDA negotiations
  • image descriptionAccess to valuable contract data
  • image descriptionStandardized negotiation practices
  • image descriptionAutomated reporting
  • image descriptionInstant insights
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What Fir Tree has accomplished

50% Reduction in turnaround time for NDAS
225+ Negotiations processed
90 Vendor contracts processed
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Since partnering with Ontra to process routine legal contracts, we’ve saved an extraordinary amount of time and resources.

“Our team can now focus on higher value work and strategic initiatives; the legal department is seen as a strategic advisor to the business, rather than a hurdle to clear. The platform has unlocked our data, enabling us to benchmark incoming contracts against precedent based on actual data from over 300 unique contracts stored on the platform.”

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Deputy General Counsel John Ringwood

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