The challenges of private fund compliance

We’ve taken a look at 10 compliance concerns for asset managers in the private markets. Some of these issues stem from limited partners’ expectations while others are the natural effect of growth in the private markets and heightened scrutiny from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Firms have traditionally relied on compendium and manpower to manage their compliance-related tasks, but these strategies can’t keep up. Ballooning legal workloads require a new approach. Now more than ever, private fund managers need innovative legal tech solutions and proactive processes to manage contractual obligations and regulatory compliance.

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  • The current pressures facing private fund managers.
  • The importance of contract compliance management in light of the SEC's focus on private fund managers.
  • How to boost compliance efforts with purpose-built, human-in-the-loop technology.
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Proactive private fund compliance

Access Contract Data
Gain visibility into documents and obligations across funds.
Deliver on Commitments
Automate contract compliance tasks.
Focus on Returns
Spend more time fundraising and investing, less time worrying and reacting.
Mitigate Risk
Avoid the consequences of failing to fulfill your contractual obligations.

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