Chief Financial Officer

Enhance Workflow & Cost Transparency Across the Fund Lifecycle

Let Ontra’s Legal Operating System improve internal collaboration, decrease costs, and increase transparency in legal and compliance workflows.
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Boost finance workflows and decrease costs

Finance leaders and teams can leverage Ontra’s AI solutions to lower risk, maximize ROI, and improve operational efficiency

Reduce your operational costs
Adopt a scalable technology platform to reduce operational costs across the fund lifecycle
Improve your operational efficiency
Leverage AI technology to reduce manual workflows and spreadsheet dependencies
Increase data quality and security
Keep information secure and up-to-date, and share data efficiently across teams with a single source of truth
Gain transparency and insights
Gain greater insight into costs and workflow status to understand fee and expense timing, and mitigate the risk of regulatory fines
Key Features
Ontra’s Legal Operating System
Increase transparency, decrease costs, and improve data quality with our AI-enabled solutions
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Flexible contract negotiation
A full-service solution to negotiate contracts efficiently while driving high-quality outcomes, saving time, and reducing costs. Request Demo >
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Reduce costs with fewer internal resources and less external spending
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Access predictable per-contract fees, minimizing legal bill surprises
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Capitalize on a scalable solution with usage-based pricing allocable to fund expenses and options to change the relationship as the business evolves
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Obligation management and digital MFN processes
An AI-enabled technology platform to modernize fundraising and comply with fund obligations. Request Demo>
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Leverage AI-enabled capabilities to quickly identify, find, and categorize clauses from fund documents
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Assign, monitor, and report on obligation compliance efforts mitigating the potential for regulatory fines
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Save on legal costs with a digital MFN and disclosure process
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Modern Entity Management
An AI-powered entity management solution built for private equity. Request Demo >
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Reference key information with ease, including beneficial ownership information for CTA reporting
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Access up-to-date data and generate structure charts to easily visualize entity ownership and relationships
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Share and control access internally and with third parties, ensuring everyone has the most recent entity information

Decrease Costs & Lower Risk

"[Insight] is like insurance for my peace of mind because I want assurance that I'm performing my job and meeting my responsibilities to the best of my ability."

Kimberly Futrell
CCO & CFO, Pharos Capital Group

Decrease costs and increase predictability

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