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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who are the lawyers on Ontra’s platform?

    Ontra works with a select group of some of the world’s top boutique law firms and solo practitioner lawyers who possess deep expertise in specific legal contract types. The lawyers working with Ontra have an average of nearly 14 years of experience. The majority of the lawyers working on our platform graduated from a top law school and have Big Law experience, and all have successfully passed a rigorous vetting process by Ontra.

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    Who are Ontra's Customer Success Managers, and what role do they play?

    Ontra’s Customer Success Managers play a leading role in ensuring that we deliver a high-quality, scalable solution for our customers. All Ontra Customer Success Managers attended top law schools and have significant experience working at the world’s leading law firms on the largest and most complex corporate transactions. Each client’s Customer Success Manager will work with the lawyers on the account to ensure that the level of service is excellent at all times. Once assigned to your account, the Customer Success Manager will make lawyer introductions, build a customized “playbook” to document your negotiation preferences, and train the lawyers on those preferences so they can be carried out consistently and effectively.

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    What is the lawyer selection process like? What input will I have in selecting the attorneys who work with my team?

    We want our clients to feel confident in their lawyer teams, which is why your company will have full discretion to review and approve all Ontra lawyers who work with your team. Your Customer Success Manager will make lawyer introductions to you based on their understanding of your company, the services to be provided, and the lawyers that we expect will be a “good fit” from a client-culture standpoint.

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    Will I have a consistent team of lawyers managing my documents?

    Yes. Ontra strongly believes in staffing a consistent team so that they can become trusted experts in your business and develop strong working relationships with the professionals at your firm. We find that the overwhelming majority of lawyers that we introduce to clients go on to enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients over multiple years.

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    What makes Ontra's technology platform different?

    Our proprietary software platform is helping to redefine how technology can be used in corporate contracting to increase efficiency and harness data to add substantial value for our customers. Not only does our technology provide time-saving workflow management tools, but by capturing a robust amount of business and legal data from our customers’ legal agreements, we are also helping our customers manage their obligations in a more data-driven way and benchmark against what has been done historically so that they can negotiate more effectively in the future. Learn more about the platform by scheduling a live demo today.

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    I’m interested in working with Ontra. How quickly can we get started and how much work is required from my team?

    Ontra’s efficient onboarding process gives us the ability to rapidly begin working with new clients. An Ontra Customer Success Manager will immediately be assigned to your firm. Your Customer Success Manager will facilitate lawyer introductions and do all the work to build a customized playbook based on your firm’s negotiation preferences. This process is designed to be virtually frictionless from the client’s perspective and can take as little as a few days.

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    Our documents are highly confidential. Is your system secure?

    Yes. Ontra software platform possesses an industry-leading security infrastructure that includes:

    Data encryption at rest and in-transit.
    Hosting in the United States.
    Fault-tolerant system.
    Redundant, reliable storage and backups.
    Professional technical team able to work with your security risk assessment process.
    Regular penetration testing.
    ISO 27001, SOC 1, and SOC 2 compliant data centers.
    Malicious file detection and deletion.
    Two-step verification and full disk encryption for attorneys.

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    Can I customize the data that we capture and benchmark in our documents?

    Yes. Your Ontra Customer Success Manager will build a customized scorecard based on your input that identifies the key contract terms that will be captured as data points.

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    Our company has offices around the globe and receives documents in multiple languages and time zones. Can Ontra manage this?

    Yes. The attorneys working through the Ontra platform operate locally in over 50 countries across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia-Pacific, and they possess fluency in English and local market languages.

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    Our business team is very demanding and we sometimes need documents reviewed same-day or even immediately. Can Ontra manage this?

    Yes. We are pleased to offer expedited services for documents requiring a very rapid turnaround.

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