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  • Playbook and Customization

    Ontra Market Playbook© with unlimited customizations

  • NDA Type

    Receiving party, disclosing party, or mutual

  • Contract Resource

    Qualified lawyers with experience at a top-tier firm or extensive Ontra experience

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  • 24-hour return to counterparty

  • White-Glove Account Management


  • Document Management System


An integrated digital workflow that elevates the fundraising experience

FundFormer empowers asset managers to simplify and expedite the fundraising process from opportunity to close.

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Leverage innovative technology to transform the way you fundraise

  • Digital Documents
  • eSignature
  • Investor Profiles
  • Fundraising Dashboard

Immediate, self-serve access to actionable data from all your contracts

Insight transforms contracts, allowing you to centralize documents, compare and benchmark key provisions, and deliver on commitments made to investors.

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Extract, digitize, and categorize contract commitments with Ontra's AI-enabled software

  • Digital Repository
  • Obligation Workflows
  • SmartSearch
  • SmartLine™
  • Reporting & Benchmarking


Ontra customers save time and money

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