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  • Playbook and Customization

    Ontra Market Playbook© with unlimited customizations

  • NDA Type

    Receiving party, disclosing party, or mutual

  • Contract Resource

    Qualified lawyers with experience at a top-tier firm or extensive Ontra experience

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  • 24-hour return to counterparty

  • White-Glove Account Management


  • Document Management System


Immediate, self-serve access to actionable data from all your contracts

Insight transforms contracts, allowing you to centralize documents, compare and benchmark key provisions, and deliver on commitments made to investors.

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Extract, digitize, and categorize contract commitments with Ontra's AI-enabled software

  • Digital Repository
  • Obligation Workflows
  • SmartSearch
  • SmartLine™
  • Reporting & Benchmarking

A modern entity management software solution for organizing, actioning, and sharing entity data and associated legal documents

With Ontra Atlas, fund managers can reduce manual, time-consuming tasks associated with maintaining entity information while centralizing compliance efforts, decreasing costs, and improving collaboration.

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Modernize Your Approach to Entity Management and Structure Charts

  • Single Source of Truth
  • Smart Charts
  • Customizable Sharing
  • Governance Information


Insight makes it easy for customers to comply with side letters

"In the three years we've partnered with Ontra, their Insight solution has helped to ensure we're in compliance with all of our contract obligations. We're incredibly pleased with Ontra's use of cutting-edge technology to deliver legal solutions optimized for quality, speed, and low cost. Adding AI into the mix with Ontra Synapse is another win for a company with a long track record of innovation."

Neal Kalechofsky | VP Alternatives at AllianceBernstein

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