Accelerate Sell-Side NDA Negotiations With Ontra's Legal AI Solutions

Ontra expedites sell-side NDA negotiations while reducing cost and risk. Tap into our global network of independently practicing lawyers and AI-powered technology.
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Free Yourself From Sell-Side NDA Negotiations

Inefficient sell-side NDA negotiation processes take focus away from dealmaking and introduce delays that can undermine outcomes. Ontra gives investment banks a superior way to process, negotiate, and manage NDAs.

Accelerate Contract Negotiations
Minimize exposure to market and company performance risks by getting prospective buyers through NDA negotiations and into the deal process faster.
Improve Visibility
Get immediate negotiation status for every prospective buyer. Easily export, manage, and share data via a spreadsheet for maximum convenience.
Reduce Expenses
Negotiate NDAs with fewer internal resources and save your clients from unnecessary external spend.
Contract Automation: Tailored to the Unique Needs of Investment Banks
Ontra Contract Automation pairs AI-powered software with a global network of experienced lawyers to process, negotiate, and manage routine contracts with simplicity and speed.
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AI-Enabled Legal Network
Tap into the most experienced, best-equipped negotiation team on the planet.
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Members of Ontra's Legal Network have negotiated more than 750K+ routine contracts across all major jurisdictions.
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Our AI-enabled software makes our Legal Network hyper efficient.
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Ontra matches dedicated lawyers with each investment bank to ensure a consistent and tailored experience.
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Parameter Sheets
Rely on the experience of Ontra's Global Legal Network in negotiating 750K+ contracts to ensure your parameter sheets represent the latest market positions.
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Ontra’s Legal Network understands deal dynamics and knows what’s market for common contract terms.
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We use machine learning to analyze millions of contract terms and facilitate better negotiations.
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Since one size doesn’t fit all, Ontra customizes and continually refines parameter sheets for each investment bank.
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NDA Status Tracker
View and share the status of all outstanding NDAs with a single click.
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Access a real-time view of NDA completion status to determine where each counterparty is in the process.
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Download negotiation status to a spreadsheet and share as needed.
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Processing and Administration
Streamline contract management by automating time-consuming manual tasks.
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Keep tabs on important obligations and dates through trigger-based alerts and email reminders.
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Establish permission groups to restrict access to confidential information and avoid deal team cross-contamination.
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Track status throughout the negotiation process.

“Adding AI into the mix with Ontra Synapse is another win for a company with a long track record of innovation. We’re incredibly pleased with Ontra’s use of cutting-edge technology to deliver legal solutions optimized for quality, speed, and low cost.”

Neal Kalechofsky
VP of Alternatives Legal, AllianceBernstein

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