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World-class contract negotiation and processing for investment banks

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Ontra for Investment Banks

Negotiating routine contracts takes focus and speed away from dealmaking, increases operational risk, forces write-offs that hurt profitability, and lowers employee morale. Ontra provides a complete solution for negotiating and processing NDAs and engagement letters quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost.

Move client deals faster

Automate contract negotiation and processing to reduce turnaround time.

Free internal staff

Rely on Ontra’s contract automation solution to keep your team focused on dealmaking.

Negotiate better client outcomes

Use historical precedent to negotiate from a position of strength.

The complete contract negotiation and processing solution for investment banks

Ontra pairs AI-powered software with a global network of specialist lawyers to process, negotiate, and manage NDAs and engagement letters quickly and dependably.

Fund Initiation

Process your fund formation documents faster and more efficiently.

  • Process fund formation documents in days, not weeks
  • Real-time updates on committed capital that’s in pipeline, ready to close, or closed
  • Deliver a superior investor onboarding experience via pre-populated forms and a guided signature process
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Document Processing pairs AI-powered software with a global network of specialist lawyers to process, negotiate, and manage routine contracts quickly and dependably.

  • Submit contracts for negotiation with one click
  • Create playbooks to negotiate favorable contract terms quickly and consistently
  • Execute contracts from any device via DocuSign integration
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Never miss an investor commitment with Insight. Insight is at the forefront of combining natural language processing and actionable AI.

  • Turn physical fund contracts and their commitments into structured data
  • Apply filters to quickly locate and reference contractual commitments
  • Reference precedent terms across a contract type to negotiate preferred positions more effectively
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