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Immediate, Self-Serve Access to Actionable Data From All Your Contracts

Learn how Insight transforms contracts, allowing you to centralize documents, compare and benchmark key provisions, and comply with contractual obligations.
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The world’s leading fund managers trust Insight

The Platform That Makes Contract Data Accessible and Actionable

Deliver on Commitments
Strengthen your reputation with investors by automating contract obligation compliance.
Focus on Returns
Spend more time fundraising and investing, less time worrying and reacting.
Proactively Manage Risk
Avoid the consequences of failing to negotiate the best terms or fulfill your contractual commitments.
Reduce Expenses
Meet your investor commitments with fewer internal resources and less reliance on external counsel.
Extract, Digitize, and Categorize Contract Commitments With Ontra's AI-Enabled Software
Insight allows you to inform negotiations with precedent, secure better terms, and deploy processes that ensure commitments are addressed on time and at scale.
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Digital Repository
Generate a centralized repository of agreements and contract obligations.
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Store, manage, and maintain the institutional knowledge of all contracts in a single, secure location.
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Transform physical contracts into structured data using a blend of AI technology and human-in-the-loop experts.
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Automatically categorize key obligations and referenceable summaries that tie to underlying document language.
Get immediate, reliable answers with a few keystrokes.
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Search actual contract language and summary descriptions to ensure accuracy.
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Find information by keying in search terms or by using Ontra SearchLight, a clause highlighter that dynamically aggregates related terms.
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Review search results ranked by relevance using Ontra's proprietary search algorithm.
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Obligation Workflows
Assign, monitor, and report on obligation compliance efforts.
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Build multistakeholder workflows and assign ownership of tasks, subtasks, and alerts to individuals across departments.
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Automatically generate an auditable, time-based log of events linked to each obligation for use in mock audits and examinations.
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De-risk compliance by creating repeatable processes that drive accountability and scale across your organization.
Break away from conventional redlining tools that only allow for a static comparison of two documents.
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Identify similarities and differences across an unlimited number of provisions.
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Combine similar terms into SmartGroups to expedite the redlining process.
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Analyze precedent language to determine whether positions are market and to ensure consistent language across contracts.
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Reporting & Benchmarking
Empower business decisions with data-driven insights.
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Partner with Ontra’s legal network to create clear, dependable summaries of each individual contract.
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Visualize contract trends with reports that draw on terms across your agreements.
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Inform and improve negotiations by understanding the terms of your firm’s precedent agreements.

How Insight Works



Generate a single, digital source of truth for all key agreements.



Get immediate, reliable results with a few keystrokes.


Analyze & Deliver

Self serve questions and make data-driven decisions. Assign and report on obligation compliance efforts.

Examples of Documents Serviced

Side Letters
Limited Partnership Agreements

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Industry leaders use Insight to get immediate, self-serve access to actionable data from all of their contracts and manage commitments at scale.
“By assigning specific obligations and tasks to the appropriate stakeholders across our firm, we are able to quickly answer complex questions from our investors, drive organizational accountability, and ultimately stay ahead of the growing complexity of private funds documentation.”
Neal Kalechofsky
Vice President, Alternatives Legal, AllianceBernstein

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