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AI-Powered Contracts for Private Capital Markets

Contract Automation is an AI-enabled contract negotiation platform that streamlines routine legal agreements.
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Streamline your routine contract negotiations

Accelerate negotiations
Incorporate AI-enabled data insights and workflow tools to negotiate from a position of strength and move contracts forward faster
Drive quality
Leverage digital playbooks and historical contract information to enhance negotiation outcomes and ensure the same approach to negotiations every time
Reduce costs
Finalize agreements with fewer internal resources, less external spending, and predictable per-contract fees
Scale with a full solution
Focus on strategic work while confidently delegating routine legal agreements according to deal volume and negotiation preferences
An AI-powered, human-in-the-loop contract negotiation platform
Contract Automation combines purpose-built, industry-specific AI capabilities and an experienced global network of legal professionals to efficiently and effectively handle routine legal agreements.
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Digital Playbooks
Customizable negotiation preferences in-app create a dynamic, single source of truth.
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Sync preferences across teams by digitally documenting preferred, fallback, and final positions
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Incorporate data-driven insights to understand preferred positions and deviations
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Understand how negotiation outcomes change over time and current market standards
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Markup Builder
AI-enabled tool limits the need to start each contract negotiation from scratch.
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Surfaces precedent, automates redlines, and generates suggested markups
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Accelerates turnaround time and promotes consistency across agreements
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Compares new documents to previous negotiations and surfaces suggestions based on precedent
The Ultimate Guide to Contract Automation for Asset Managers
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Originator Email Receipt
Email confirmation with key terms upon Ontra’s receipt of the document for negotiation.
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Surfaces sensitive contract provisions that may complicate negotiations
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Negotiation Summaries
AI-powered, complete and timely contract negotiation summaries.
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Access a summary of key legal and business terms for each agreement shortly after negotiation completion
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"Human-in-the-loop" approach
Unique combination of human expertise and leading technology to complete tedious routine legal workstreams efficiently, while still ensuring high-quality outcomes.
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Tap into the Ontal Legal Network, a global network of over 600 experienced legal professionals
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Deploy AI confidently knowing that the Ontra Legal Network works in parallel with rules-based quality checks
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Dedicated Customer Success team resource to support overall relationship needs
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Actionable data insights
A document repository to generate data-driven negotiation insights or track statuses.
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Leverage a central repository to create data-driven reports and alerts based on key terms
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Track contract negotiation status and analyze historical documents to identify contract trends
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Use the dashboard hub or pull data directly into existing workflows with API integrations
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A global, scalable offering
Contract negotiation platform designed with flexible options and usage-based pricing.
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Tap into a usage-based, fixed-fee pricing model for predictable costs
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Easily allocate fees as fund expenses
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Expand to new strategies, regions, or document types or scale back as needed

Getting Started Is Easy


Effortless Onboarding

Our Customer Success Managers will match you to a team of lawyers and develop a negotiation playbook to address your specific preferences.

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Skilled Negotiation

Simply submit a contract for review, and we’ll do the rest. Members of Ontra's Legal Network use the playbook you’ve defined to secure your preferred outcomes consistently and effectively.

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Dynamic Reporting

Access key terms across all of your contracts in easy-to-reference reports that allow you to draw upon the full scope of knowledge from your firm’s precedent agreements.

Examples of Documents Serviced

Buy-Side and Sell-Side NDAs
Reliance and Non-Reliance Letters
Vendor Contracts
Engagement Letters

Gain an Edge in Dealmaking

Leading firms use Contract Automation to accelerate the speed and reduce the costs and risks associated with routine contract negotiation.
"Since partnering with Ontra to process routine legal contracts, we’ve saved an extraordinary amount of time and resources."
John Ringwood
Deputy General Counsel, Fir Tree Partners

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