2024 Market-Based NDA Insights

Ontra is the leading provider of Contract Automation for the private capital markets. We’ve processed over 1,000,000 documents — primarily NDAs and other routine contracts.

Based on our leading NDA data repository, we’ve published our 2024 guide with the latest market expertise. This can help you update or establish an NDA playbook, ultimately speeding up your negotiation process and improving your relationships with target companies.

This guide is for everyone, whether you’re:
  • A legal or deal professional new to negotiating NDAs
  • An investment bank or private equity analyst interested in understanding NDAs
  • A seasoned professional looking to brush up on the latest trends
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"[For] anyone who has experienced a strain on resources from having to review low-level, high-volume contracts — Ontra is the best solution out there."

Craig Thaler | Managing Director, Marathon Asset Management

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Improve your NDA negotiations

Although NDAs are often a low-level priority, they set the tone for the due diligence process. Smooth & efficient negotiations are crucial to building strong relationships with target companies.

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