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Ontra Synapse AI

Machine learning that advances private markets thinking
Trusted by Leading Firms

Let AI Unlock New Levels of Legal Team Productivity

Lower Negotiation Risk
Identify and act on sensitive provisions sooner while negotiating from a position of strength.
Accelerate Negotiations While Reducing Costs
Automate precedent retrieval to drive faster turnaround times and reduce the demands on internal legal teams and external counsel.
intelligent recommendations
Drive Consistent Results Within Agreements
Employ the same approach to negotiations every time, enhancing consistency across contracts.
How Ontra Synapse Works
Cutting-Edge AI Built for Private Markets
Ontra Synapse powers Ontra’s Legal Operating System using powerful predictive and generative AI models to accelerate and simplify legal work associated with fund operation and investment.
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Step 1: Forward Your Contract to Ontra
Since Ontra Synapse is pretrained on industry-specific data, it’s ready to analyze contracts — no need to set up or configure.
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Ontra Synapse adds immediate value because it’s already trained on aggregated data from over 800,000 anonymized industry negotiations.
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As markets move, Ontra Synapse adapts to ensure that its outputs are relevant and accurate.
Step 2: Ontra Synapse Analyzes the Document
Ontra Synapse analyzes uploaded documents to extract relevant data and assess key characteristics.
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Identifies time-sensitive contracts to appropriately prioritize workflow.
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Determines contract type to match the document with the correct playbook and legal resources.
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Flags sensitive contract provisions that may complicate negotiations and should be reviewed by legal.
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Step 3: Ontra Synapse Surfaces Relevant Precedent
Ontra Synapse recalls past negotiations and pushes relevant precedent to lawyers to expedite deals.
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Retrieves similar fully negotiated contracts for instant access to past positions and default terms.
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Highlights relevant terms and associated redlines throughout a document.
Step 4: Ontra Synapse Summarizes Documents
Ontra Synapse aggregates and synthesizes contracts, enabling data-driven insights and reporting capabilities.
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Analyzes completed contracts and prepares summary of key legal and business terms.
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Consolidates contract terms in a central repository and produces data-driven reports and insights.
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The Ontra Synapse Difference

A Unique Approach to Meeting Private Equity's Exacting Standards

Unparalleled Data
Ontra Synapse trains on aggregated and anonymized data from 800,000+ private markets contract negotiations.
Purpose-Built Machine Learning
Ontra predictive and generative AI models have been designed to deliver outputs specific to private markets legal workflows.
Deep Human Insight
Ontra works with 600+ experienced contract lawyers to review all Ontra Synapse answers for accuracy and consistency.

Transform Your Legal Workflows

Leading firms use Ontra Synapse to accelerate negotiations and drive consistency across agreements while lowering risks and reducing costs.
"In the three years we've partnered with Ontra, their Insight solution has helped to ensure we're in compliance with all of our contract obligations. We’re incredibly pleased with Ontra’s use of cutting-edge technology to deliver legal solutions optimized for quality, speed, and low cost. Adding AI into the mix with Ontra Synapse is another win for a company with a long track record of innovation."
Neal Kalechofsky
VP - Alternatives at AllianceBernstein
"For nearly a decade, we’ve turned to Ontra to assist with our high-volume, routine legal agreements quickly and cost-effectively. Their development and application of new technologies has not only maintained a reasonable cost structure with accelerated processing times but has also helped us navigate the increasing complexity of today’s private markets transactions. Ontra Synapse is another example of how they’re marrying deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge legal tech innovations to keep us one step ahead."
Colin Sam
Associate General Counsel at Onex

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How much does Ontra Synapse cost?

    Ontra Synapse is included in Contract Automation and Insight at no additional fee. We’re currently embedding the technology in FundFormer as well and will be making additional announcements about this product in coming months.

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    What does it take to get Ontra Synapse up and running?

    Ontra Synapse requires no setup to perform basic contract analysis since models have been pretrained on anonymized and aggregated data from Ontra’s industry leading contact repository. If customers wish to access more advanced functionality such as automated precedent search, they will first need to upload previously negotiated contracts into Ontra’s contract repository. Ontra Synapse will analyze these documents and incorporate associated data into future responses.

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    What's Ontra's history with AI?

    Ontra began to integrate AI technologies into its products in 2016. During the ensuing years, we've built a talented team of machine learning engineers. These professionals have joined forces with Ontra's deep bench of former lawyers, i-bankers, and asset managers to pioneer innovative new ways to apply machine learning to the legal domain. We've incorporated AI into our solutions and continue to invest heavily in the engineering talent and associated research required to push the boundaries in this space.

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    What unique challenges do legal use cases present and how does Ontra address them?

    Nuanced legal text: Nuances in legal language such as esoteric terminology and variations in clause construction present a unique challenge for AI. Machine learning models that are trained on non-legal data sets are likely unable to consistently identify and understand legal clauses. The unique data used to train Ontra models allows Ontra Synapse to overcome this challenge. Ontra’s models are trained on aggregated and anonymized information derived from over 800,000 contract negotiations. The unprecedented breadth and depth of this dataset underpins the superior precision Ontra’s models deliver. Additionally, while legal contracts are highly structured, open source models typically don’t recognize these structures. Consequently, open source models fail to sufficiently address use cases such as document summarization where results must be correctly categorized and organized. To address this issue, Ontra has made an extensive investment in mapping “anatomies” for routine contracts. These anatomies are structured representations of key terms associated with routine contracts and generally contain hundreds of fields.

    Industry-specific tasks: Legal workflows include many tasks that are unique to the legal profession such as marking up a document. While open source models address a range of generic use cases, they must be modified to answer industry-specific questions. Ontra is uniquely positioned to address the nuances associated with private markets legal workflows. The Ontra team includes former investment bankers, GCs, dealmakers, and lawyers. Our first-hand experience allows us to deliver tailored solutions with unrivaled depth and sophistication.

    High precision: Perhaps most importantly, when it comes to contracts, there’s no margin for error. While “mostly correct” may suffice in other industries, that’s not the case when dealing with private funds contracts where the costs associated with legal errors can be massive. Ontra Synapse meets the exacting standards of the private markets via an innovative human-in-the-loop system.

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    Which aspects of Ontra Synapse are proprietary?

    Ontra Synapse differentiates itself from other AI solutions in two important ways. First, its proprietary models have been designed to generate answers specific to private markets legal workflows. Second, these models are trained on Ontra’s unique data set — the industry’s leading repository of aggregated and anonymized routine contract data. The combination of these two factors allows Ontra Synapse to generate outputs that outshine any other solution in terms of relevance and accuracy.

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