How to Choose the Right Legal AI for Private Equity

The conversation around AI has shifted from “if” legal and financial services firms will adopt AI to “when” they’ll adopt AI. The technology’s potential benefits are too great to ignore, and the earliest adopters will gain a distinct competitive advantage.

Our AI 101 guide helps private fund managers gain a solid understanding of AI, so they can choose appropriate AI tools to streamline their core, administrative, and legal activities and generate long-term value.

This guide explains:
  • How AI works and its current limitations
  • The risks of using generic AI for private equity legal workflows
  • Why Synapse, Ontra’s AI engine, works for private fund managers
  • How to evaluate AI vendors
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“We're incredibly pleased with Ontra's use of cutting-edge technology to deliver legal solutions optimized for quality, speed, and low cost. Adding AI into the mix with Ontra Synapse is another win for a company with a long track record of innovation."

Neal Kalechofsky
Vice President of Alternatives Legal at AllianceBernstein

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We outline the five questions you need to evaluate AI vendors.

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