Accelerate the MFN Election Process

A new standard for efficient and transparent MFN elections
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A best-in-class MFN process for you and your investors

Reduce Fund Expenses
Keep organizational expenses low with faster form creation and fewer election errors
Unify MFN Elections with Fund Compliance
Use a single platform to create election forms from side letters, and store and comply with the full scope of fund obligations
Scale Operations Efficiently
Automate manual processes as side letters and MFN elections expand in scope and complexity
Comply More Quickly
Gain real-time visibility into the MFN process and track compliance after investors make elections
How We Do It
Run a modern MFN process and manage all of your obligations in Insight
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Digitize Side Letters
Convert side letters to digital agreements and contract obligations as soon as available
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Store, manage, and maintain side letters related to MFN election forms and disclosures in a single, secure location
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Transform physical contracts into structured data using AI technology and "human in the loop" oversight
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Automatically categorize obligations based on Ontra's comprehensive lexicon of fund terms
Generate MFN Election Forms
Create forms using commitment thresholds and investor characteristics to determine the display of electable provisions and disclosures
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Build an election form recipient list based on each investor’s MFN eligibility
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Generate election forms in minutes by using investor, capital commitment, and side letter category filters
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Easily redact text to remove sensitive information from MFN election and disclosure forms
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Capture Investor Elections, Track, & Comply
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Review investors’ elections in a single digital platform
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Seamlessly reflect elections in Insight to manage obligations over the fund life
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Explore the full functionality of the Insight platform here
Accelerate MFN Elections with Insight

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