The Top 8 Criteria for Selecting B2B Service Providers

In this guide you'll learn the critical selection criteria for B2B service providers which includes:
  • The People: Your ultimate success depends on the provider’s leadership, as well as on the team that will be handling your account day after day.
  • Products and Services: A company may have a beautiful website that paints a compelling story about their products’ or services’ capabilities, but make sure the vendor can back up those claims.
  • The Business: See the necessary questions you need to ask a vendor about their financial durability, longevity, global reach, and data security.
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Evaluate B2B service providers for your vendor selection process.

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Get practical criteria you can use to evaluate B2B service providers for your vendor selection process.

Particularly strong candidates for outsourcing are workflows that are critical but not core to your business strategy, such as high-volume, routine legal activities like non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Tech-enabled providers have developed solutions specifically for taking over these repetitive-yet-critical workstreams, freeing internal teams to focus on strategically significant, value-generating work.