Building community with Ontra’s global legal network

November 28, 2022

Ontra’s rapidly expanding legal network offers a superior experience for freelance lawyers. The Ontra platform combines AI-enabled software with a worldwide network of highly trained lawyers to modernize recurring legal workflows and automate contracts.

Since Ontra’s launch in 2014, our network of remote legal partners has grown to a geographical spread of more than 30 countries, with a network of more than 600 remote lawyers. Ontra’s diverse legal community now boasts over 50% female-owned law firms, while underrepresented ethnic groups comprise 36%, and LGTBQ+ individuals make up 11%. Our legal partners have the flexibility of remote work combined with our commitment to keep them connected through in-person events, opportunities to network with peers, and a high-touch community management team whom our legal partners know on a first-name basis.

Bespoke community events for a global network

Part of Ontra’s mission is to promote a sense of community among our fully remote network of legal partners while also enabling them to break free from traditional legal practice. We do that by providing access to a high-quality client roster and removing administrative hurdles, such as built in billing and collections support. Despite our remote model, we recognize the importance of facilitating interaction for our legal partners. That’s why we host a number of in-person events in locations where our legal partners reside.

In addition to hosting events in Paris, New York, and Denver in 2022, we also gathered our U.K.-based legal partners in London in October to celebrate a successful year for the EMEA legal network, which has almost doubled in size since the start of 2021. This unique event provided Ontra legal partners the opportunity to share their experiences and network with other like-minded lawyers, and meet their dedicated Ontra team in person. The evening included several speeches from the Ontra team highlighting our internal initiatives and recognizing our legal partners who celebrated anniversaries with Ontra. The evening wrapped up with a raffle for a case of award-winning Folc wine, which is produced by a business founded by Ontra legal partner and entrepreneur Elisha Cannon.

Individualized lawyer support is the cornerstone of partnering with Ontra

Ontra’s commitment to our in-network lawyers extends beyond in-person events and includes the support of a dedicated team of professionals. Ontra’s community management team ensures that our legal partners feel engaged and plugged into the network by facilitating regular conversations, sharing product updates and tips on best practices, and helping to navigate the Ontra platform. Ontra’s legal resourcing team identifies potential client engagement opportunities, and our legal development and training team provides tailored training programs to support our legal partners’ ongoing success. In addition, Ontra’s dedicated account managers liaise between our clients and legal partners to ensure that lawyers spend the maximum amount of time on substantive legal work and less time on administrative hurdles.

“Everyone I spoke to was really approachable and friendly and made me feel welcome.” Ontra legal partner Mario Christodolou said. “Especially once I joined, I felt part of the team. Speaking to the recruiting manager or the account managers, even though I’m not part of Ontra, I feel like I am.”

A commitment to scaling globally without compromising our unique model

As our legal community continues to grow, we look forward to expanding our community offerings across the globe. We are committed to scaling our legal network while still providing the highest level of support for our legal partners through this combination of community relations and professional support.

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