Announcing Ontra Atlas, Modern Entity Management Built for Private Equity

September 19, 2023
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Ontra Atlas extends Ontra’s Legal Operating System, an AI-enabled platform that digitally transforms critical legal workflows


SAN FRANCISCO – September 19, 2023 – Ontra, the leader in contract automation and intelligence, today announced the launch of Ontra Atlas, an entity management solution designed specifically for private investment firms. Ontra Atlas streamlines the organization and management of legal entities and workflows associated with firm and fund operations. The solution allows users to:

  • Consolidate and store entity data and associated documents in a single location
  • Algorithmically generate structure charts to easily visualize entity ownership and relationships
  • Track directors, officers, and authorized signatories to help ensure corporate actions are completed with appropriate authorization
  • Manage internal and external access to information using role- and entity-based permissions

Private equity firms spend significant time and resources managing the data, organizational charts, and documents related to legal entities. Information is often maintained manually through a maze of complex spreadsheets, structure charts, emails, and physical binders. In a survey of 100 PE firms conducted by Ontra, 78% of respondents reported using general-purpose tools such as Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint to accomplish these tasks. A fragmented approach to entity management wastes time and money. More significantly, this disorganization may result in transaction delays, cause firms to provide investors, regulators, and counterparties with inaccurate information, and/or lead to incorrectly authorized corporate actions.

“For most PE firms, entity management is a weak link in their corporate governance strategy. With no clear ownership, no defined processes, and no specialized tools, firms expose themselves to significant regulatory and operational risks,” said Matt Crowley, General Manager of Ontra Atlas. “Ontra works with 9 of the top 10 PE firms in the PEI 300 and 64 of the top 100. That gives us visibility into the entity management use cases firms need to tackle. We also have a unique perspective on what the leading firms are doing to excel in this area. Ontra Atlas combines cutting-edge technology with industry-tested best practices. We view strong entity management as foundational to an effective corporate governance program.”

Ontra Atlas is the newest addition to Ontra’s Legal Operating System, an AI-enabled suite of solutions that digitally transforms mission-critical legal processes across the full fund lifecycle. Other components of Ontra’s Legal Operating System include:

  • Contract Automation–streamlines negotiation, execution, and reporting for routine contracts such as NDAs and NRLs
  • Insight–facilitates fund formation and contract and side letter compliance
  • Ontra Synapse–industry-specific AI that drives critical legal processes

“Ontra plays a key role in the digital transformation strategy for our legal team,” said Lindsay Rutishauser, Chief Compliance Officer at Motive Partners. “They’ve translated a nuanced understanding of the private markets into applications that squarely address our most important legal needs. Ontra Atlas is another example of an application that will allow my team to achieve greater levels of productivity while mitigating risk. We’re very focused on ensuring that our legal team utilizes best-in-class technology to provide high-quality legal support to our firm, and having a robust entity management solution makes all the difference.”

For more information about how Ontra Atlas is transforming the way private equity approaches entity management, visit

About Ontra

Ontra is the global leader in contract automation and intelligence for private asset management firms. Ontra’s legal operating system combines AI-enabled software with a worldwide network of highly trained lawyers to digitally transform recurring legal workflows across the full fund lifecycle. Ontra works with the world’s leading investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms, and direct lenders to reduce the time, expense, and risk associated with contract management.

Ontra is headquartered in San Francisco, with global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at

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