Ontra Expands its Legal Aid Alliance Program to Further Combat the Global Justice Gap

July 12, 2023
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The program grew 141% in 2022, donating more than $200,000 to over 60 legal aid non-profits in the U.S

SAN FRANCISCO – July 12, 2023 – Ontra, the leading provider of contract automation and intelligence solutions for the world’s most prominent asset managers, today announced the global expansion of its philanthropic program, the Legal Aid Alliance (LAA). Through the LAA, Ontra partners with 600 private equity customers to fund access to legal services in low-income communities. For every document processed on Ontra’s platform, the LAA donates $1 to vetted non-profit legal aid organizations. To date, the program has supported beneficiaries in the U.S., donating $200,000 in 2022 and $300,000 since its inception in 2021. Moving forward, Ontra will extend the reach of the LAA to Europe and Asia, initially donating to organizations in the UK and Singapore.

“Nearly one million people in America who need assistance with civil legal problems are shut out of the system because they can’t afford legal representation,” said Ontra Co-Founder and COO Ben Levi. “Through the Legal Aid Alliance, we’ve set our sights on closing this ‘justice gap’ by educating and mobilizing Ontra customers around this important cause and by delivering funds directly to the non-profits best equipped to provide critical legal aid. The program’s 141% YoY growth demonstrates that we’ve landed on a scalable and sustainable model. We’re confident that as the LAA moves into Europe and Asia, we can help to bring much-needed legal support to underserved individuals around the world.”

According to the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a non-partisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation created by the U.S. Congress, 74% of low-income households experienced a civil legal problem in the past year related to issues such as domestic violence, employment discrimination, opioid addiction, veterans’ justice, and disaster recovery. 92% of those households did not receive any or enough legal help. Globally, the World Justice Project® (WJP) estimates that 1.5 billion people cannot obtain justice for civil, administrative, or criminal justice problems.

The LAA has provided funding to over 60 U.S.-based legal aid non-profits in low-income communities. These organizations are best positioned to assess underserved individuals’ needs and deliver essential legal services. LAA’s top beneficiaries include:

  • Legal Services NYC
  • Legal Aid Chicago
  • Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association
  • Bay Area Legal Aid
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Adam Heintz, Director of the Pro Bono Program at Legal Services NYC, highlighted the strong partnership that his organization has built with Ontra through the LAA. “As the nation’s largest provider of free civil legal services, we deliver an array of life-saving services to low-income New Yorkers, from anti-eviction and immigration work to public benefits assistance and safety from domestic violence. The generous support from the Legal Aid Alliance allows us to ensure New Yorkers can access the services, benefits, and support they need to survive. We are beyond grateful for Ontra’s continued support and are excited about the program’s expansion which will undoubtedly help more communities in need.”

About Ontra

Ontra is the global leader in contract automation and intelligence for private asset management firms. Ontra’s legal operating system combines AI-enabled software with a worldwide network of highly trained lawyers to digitize recurring legal workflows. Ontra’s solutions improve the contract lifecycle—from negotiation and processing to tracking complex agreement obligations. Ontra works with the world’s leading investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms, and direct lenders to reduce the time, expense, and risk associated with contract management.

Ontra has global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at www.ontra.ai.

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