The Future of Contract Automation & Intelligence: Human-in-the-Loop Technology

We know that complex processes can be accelerated by AI as long as it’s paired with a human operator — an approach called human-in-the-loop. During this session, attendees will learn how advancements in legal technology make these processes easier by turning documents into data that feeds an AI system. In doing so, companies — with the help of seasoned human legal experts — can use AI to augment their abilities and find efficiencies in everything from how they negotiate documents to how they manage their obligations to their business partners.

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Caitlin Melchior
Director, Legal Training & Development Ontra

Caitlin H. Melchior is the Director of Legal Training & Development at Ontra.

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Brett K. Shawn
Assistant General Counsel Warburg Pincus LLC

Brett K. Shawn is based in New York, joined Warburg Pincus in 2015 and focuses on legal matters relating to the Firm’s investing activities.

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