How do you track, meet, and audit your LPA and side letter obligations? Does your system cement and improve investor confidence and relationships?

Watch on-demand as Ted Seides, Host of the Capital Allocators podcast, and Troy Pospisil, CEO, and Founder at Ontra, discuss the ever-increasing number of fund obligations and how to get ahead of the crush of side letter compliance.

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  • How asset managers can strengthen relationships with LPs.
  • How to speed up core business operations like fundraising and deal-making.
  • How to reduce business and regulatory risk.
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Learn how to take control of your fund obligations.


Ted Seides
CFA Capital Allocators

Ted Seides, CFA, created Capital Allocators LLC to explore best practices in the asset management industry.

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Troy Pospisil
CEO & Founder Ontra

Troy is the Founder and CEO of Ontra.

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Take control of your fund obligations

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