Learn how to build efficiencies into your deal processes

As private capital markets continue to set new records, work hours are increasing, and employee morale is faltering. Nothing exacerbates the two as much as tasking employees to spend time on routine work like cleaning up large data files or scouring through contracts for critical deal points.

Watch the webinar on-demand and learn how contract automation and intelligence can unlock valuable data trends, so you can:
  • Enable your team to focus on engaging, high-impact work.
  • Better negotiate with third parties by simultaneously analyzing terms across past deals.
  • Apply data and insights to improve back-office efficiency.
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Learn how Contract Automation and Intelligence can unlock valuable data trends.


Jon Song
Managing Director of Account Operations & Strategy Ontra

Jon is the Managing Director of Account Operations & Strategy at Ontra.

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Five Ways to Make Your Deal Processes More Efficient

Private equity firms are known for being lean, but that shouldn’t preclude teams from setting and achieving ambitious goals. When you automate parts of your deal process, from data analysis to routine legal work, you empower your team to focus on their most important tasks.

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