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Watch now on-demand to learn how you can start and scale a remote legal practice

Are you curious about how to incorporate remote, flexible legal practice into your day-to-day? Watch our on-demand webinar with Ontra’s Legal Recruiting team, for an exploration of how to start, supplement, or scale your remote legal practice and how to make this work with Ontra!

In this 30-minute webinar, we speak with two of Ontra’s legal network members, Sonia Queralt and Sam Martin. They discuss what motivated them to join Ontra, how they built their practice, and their overall Ontra experience.


Sam Martin
Legal Network Member Ontra

Sam Martin is a corporate lawyer with over 20 years experience in big law firms including Proskauer and Morgan, Lewis.

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Sonia Queralt
Legal Network Member Ontra

Sonia Queralt is a former divorce litigator and entrepreneur who founded a divorce marketplace startup.

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Flying Solo with Ontra: Discover a flexible, fully-remote approach to practicing law

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