Looking beyond internal legal teams and external counsel to keep pace with intensifying demands

Over the last two decades, innovation in the private funds industry has led to unprecedented returns. At the same time, this innovation, combined with rapid industry growth, heightened competition, and increased regulation, has made it exponentially more complex to manage a fund.

Technology will allow private equity to thrive in this environment. However, firms must invest wisely to maximize the impact of digital transformation initiatives.

Key Takeaways:
  • Quantitative evidence shows the complexity associated with private markets legal work will increase exponentially in coming years.
  • Increased investment in internal legal teams or outside counsel has failed to deliver the incremental capacity required to keep pace with mounting legal demands.
  • The expenses associated with these investments are ultimately borne by investors in the form of decreased net returns.
  • Technology provides a viable alternative to manual processes; But true digital transformation requires a comprehensive set of industry-specific solutions that capitalize on AI to automate and optimize legal workflows.
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