In-app eSignatures speed up the contracting process

August 15, 2022

Electronic signatures are improving the investor experience and speeding up the dealmaking process in asset management.

For years, contracting was a manual, paper-heavy process. As a result, deal professionals, in-house lawyers, and investors often struggled to execute high-volume, routine contracts like non-disclosure agreements efficiently.

To solve this problem, Ontra’s Contract Automation platform offers eSignatures powered by DocuSign to ensure everyone can benefit from a secure contracting experience and quick turnaround time.

Ontra’s electronic signature capability

Parties in private equity deals often leverage eSignature. However, a lawyer or deal professional often needs to pull the contract into a separate eSignature platform to sign and return to the other party. These extra steps make contracting time-consuming when parties want to quickly turn around routine agreements with minimal headache.

Ontra makes the process even faster and more efficient by offering eSignatures and eliminating the need for a separate technology solution.

A better experience for everyone

With eSignatures, Ontra’s legal network members can send out contracts for signatures directly through the Ontra platform.

The platform automatically sends an email to the selected parties.


Ontra's legal partners can send out contracts for signatures directly through the Ontra platform.


The other parties receive an automated email with links to the contracts ready for them to sign.



No one leaves the platform, and the signing parties can finalize the agreements from any device.

Automated recordkeeping

Another benefit to in-app eSignatures is automated recordkeeping. Our Contract Automation solution tracks the real-time status of all uploaded contracts, including those ready to sign, waiting for a signature, or executed.



Once the parties finalize a contract, the platform automatically stores the agreement and sends a copy to all signing parties. This enhanced visibility and automated tracking are far more efficient than manual processes. They’re also less prone to human error than tracking contracts through email and spreadsheets, which many asset managers and investment banks still rely on.

End-to-end contract management with Ontra

Ontra’s end-to-end contract management platform makes life easier for asset managers. Deal professionals and in-house lawyers can create, negotiate, and finalize contracts all in one place.

This optimized experience provides a significant advantage as private fund managers continue to navigate a competitive and complex environment, and fundraising and dealmaking often hinge on nurturing relationships with investors and target companies. Contract Automation by Ontra enables private fund managers to foster stronger investor relationships through efficient and fast processes.

Faster NDAs with Ontra

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