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Turn your contracts into a competitive edge

Unlock the knowledge of your firm’s past contracts

Document Abstracting turns your complex legal documents into easily referenceable key terms and valuable insights that lead to better business outcomes.

Keep negotiations in line

Gain full visibility into all your organization’s past agreements so you can benchmark precedent.

Speed up business processes

Quickly access key terms and actual contract provisions to answer important questions and enable your team to act swiftly.

Mitigate risk

Never miss a notice period, pending expiration, or restrictive covenant thanks to our tracking and notification tools.

Reduce legal spend

Achieve material cost-savings over sending summarization work to a traditional law firm.

Tap into interactive reports and data that you can unpack and analyze with ease

Document Abstracting combines data-driven technology with specialist lawyers, making it easy to unlock, reference, and actually use your contract data.

Capture key contract data and key terms

Our software platform lets you easily track key terms and reference underlying contract provisions.

  • Capture the key legal and business terms for every contract in a comprehensive and consistent manner.
  • Reference actual contract language tagged directly to scorecard response sets.
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Dynamic reporting

Survey your contracts and quickly locate pertinent agreements, an individual contract, and even the specific clause that you’re searching for.

  • Sort, filter, and search to generate interactive reports across large document sets.
  • Easily drill down to a subset of contracts, an individual contract, or individual provisions within each contract.
  • Export data to Excel, PDF, or API into your own system to create detailed analyses or share with third parties.
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Expert legal team

Receive precise and reliable results from a personal account manager and specialized legal team.

  • Collaborate with your account manager in establishing a custom scorecard to track contract terms that are important to you.
  • Know that you’re in good hands with our expert lawyers, who produce clear, consistent, dependable summaries.
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How it works

Simple setup

Your experienced account manager custom-builds a scorecard designed to achieve your specific goals.

Expert analysis

Seasoned, specialist lawyers complete scorecards and tag each response to supporting provisions in the underlying contract.

Precise reporting

Responses are aggregated across all scorecards and presented in easy-to-use, interactive reports.

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Example documents serviced:
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Credit Documents
  • Customer Contracts
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • License Agreements
  • Engagement Letters
  • Term Sheets

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