The Legal Operating System for
Private Markets

Ontra’s integrated platform addresses the full spectrum of legal workflows required to fundraise, invest, and operate funds.


A Platform Built Specifically for the Private Markets

By embracing four key tenets, Ontra has delivered a legal operating system that addresses our customers’ diverse and exacting requirements.

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Ontra blends artificial intelligence and human legal expertise to deliver better outcomes with fewer resources.

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Ontra delivers a single platform that consolidates data, processes, and technology associated with critical legal workflows.

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Ontra addresses the unique requirements of each firm regardless of its investment strategies and size.

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Ontra builds enterprise-grade technology designed to meet the industry's rigorous data security standards.


A Unique Blend of Technology and Human Expertise

Ontra integrates data, AI, and an expansive network of freelance lawyers to create unique value for the private markets.


Members of Ontra's Legal Network negotiate routine contracts such as NDAs, NRLs, and joinders on behalf of hundreds of asset managers. This gives us unique insight into what’s market for common contract terms and underpins our ability to secure better outcomes for customers.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to help members of our legal network become hyper-efficient. Using technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning, Ontra delivers enhanced search and redlining capabilities as well as targeted recommendations related to customers' preferred negotiation positions.

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Legal Network

Ontra’s global network of independently practicing lawyers has collectively negotiated over 750,000 contracts across all major jurisdictions. We work with a talented and diverse pool of vetted legal professionals, allowing us to tailor our solution to each customer's unique needs.

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Free yourself from routine data work


Digitally Transform Legal Workflows

Ontra's legal operating system automates mission-critical legal processes across the full fund lifecycle.


Contract Automation

Automate processes related to intake, negotiation, and execution of routine contracts with Ontra’s AI-enabled software and global network of experienced lawyers.



Create a digital repository of agreements and contract obligations. Assign, monitor, and report on key contract terms as well as obligation compliance efforts.



Modernize and streamline entity management. Automate workflows and collaborate efficiently from a single source of truth.

Security & Trust

Protecting the Data That Powers Your Business

Ontra’s security protocols are built to meet the exacting standards of the private markets.

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Tap into a more efficient and effective way to handle routine contracts.

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