Address Clients’ Full Spectrum of Legal Requirements

Let Ontra’s legal operating system automate routine legal processes while your firm focuses on the complex, high-value legal services it's uniquely positioned to deliver.
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Add a Technical Dimension to Your Role as Strategic Adviser

With Ontra, law firms can direct clients to a scalable way to address increased regulatory scrutiny and legal documentation.

Increase Client Satisfaction and Retention

Address the full spectrum of client needs via a combination of Ontra's solutions and your firm's legal services.

Improve Morale

Keep your teams focused on complex, strategic projects while Ontra addresses routine legal work quickly and efficiently.

Expedite Turnaround Times

Accelerate routine contract negotiation and execution, fund formation, and compendium creation via Ontra’s digital contract repository and AI-enabled automation tools.

An Integrated Platform to Address Your Client's Routine Contract Workflows
Ontra offers a full suite of solutions that increases speed and efficiency across the entire lifecycle of a private fund.
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Contract Automation
Automate contract intake, negotiation, and execution so you can spend more time fundraising and investing.
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Tap into the most experienced, best AI-equipped negotiation team on the planet.
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Ensure you’re negotiating from a position of strength using established precedent and industry benchmarks.
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Streamline contract management by automating time-consuming manual tasks associated with conflict checking, billing, and reporting.
Fund Formation
Simplify and expedite the fundraising process to lay the foundation for strong, long-term partnerships with limited partners.
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Convert manual subscription documents to SmartForms with conditional logic and use auto form completion and eSignature to save investors time. Quickly set-up SPVs and co-investment vehicles for private deals.
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Leverage a consolidated view of your pipeline to understand progress toward your fundraising goal.
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Collect all necessary investor data to meet AML/KYC requirements.
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The Ultimate Guide to Contract Automation for Asset Managers
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Contract Insight
Get immediate, self-serve access to actionable data from all of your contracts.
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Create a centralized repository of digital agreements and contract obligations.
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Redline an unlimited number of provisions and get immediate, reliable answers in just a few keystrokes.
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Use workflows to assign, monitor, and report on obligation compliance efforts.

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