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While Ontra only recently released Insight, the first software tool purpose built to empower asset managers to actively manage their investor obligations, our team is constantly working to add features that meaningfully improve the platform’s entire obligation management workflow. We’ve recently upgraded Insight with a pair of game-changing productivity enhancements available to all current and future Insight customers.

With the addition of multi-obligation redlining and a streamlined obligation workflow, Insight is now an even more dynamic fund obligation management tool. Gaining a deeper understanding of your obligations’ texts with redlining and more effectively organizing and managing obligation tasks with an improved, intuitive UI, further helps asset managers save time and money, reduce risk, and strengthen investor trust.

Gain deeper insight with multi-obligation redlining

Multi-obligation redlining enables users to compare texts across multiple selected obligations with a single click. Unlike other standalone redlining solutions, multi-obligation redlining within Insight allows users to scientifically compare the differences between a single canonical obligation’s text with up to 150 selected obligations. The selected obligations can span all funds, and can be organized in an intuitive workspace within the Insight platform; easily allowing asset managers to identify, word-for-word, the differences between obligations.

Insight’s multi-obligation redlining helps asset managers to both actively manage their current funds’ obligations and bolster the efficiency of future fundraising. For current obligations, fund managers can quickly surface any key differences between like provisions and ensure that they are taking the appropriate operational and compliance actions. For future fundraises, asset managers can easily surface the information necessary to harmonize the exact language of the provisions utilized by all limited partners. Standardizing provision language within the hundreds of LPAs, side letters and MFN elections throughout a portfolio of funds can simplify operations, make compliance less burdensome, and significantly reduce risk.

This demo video from Insight’s VP/GM Miles Chan shows the power and speed of multi-obligation redlining. 

Streamline obligation organization and management workflow

By incorporating feedback from our valued customers, the Insight team streamlined the obligation organization and management workflow. There are no longer two types of obligations to manage, as users aren’t prompted to designate each obligation as either “event-based” or “scheduled”. Instead, with a dedicated Obligations tab, all obligations created from uploaded legal documents are organized and displayed in a single screen for more straightforward organization.

To more effectively manage and execute the tasks associated with each obligation, a dedicated Tasks tab now shows all of the tasks created from each parent obligation. Users can set tasks as either one-time or recurring to distinguish between tasks with event-based triggers and those that occur on a regular basis.

Insight’s new Tasks tab significantly expands the obligation management functionality of the platform. This dedicated Tasks tab empowers users to create tasks exactly when they want and provides an intuitive way to locate and help complete each task.

Insight’s simplified obligation organization and task management structure improves the entire process by giving users true control of the obligations in their fund documents and the tasks they’re responsible for fulfilling. With this improved architecture, Insight now provides a more intuitive user experience and helps to streamline the fulfillment of fund obligations.

This pair of productivity enhancements further enables asset managers to quickly turn legal documents into valuable and actionable data. Easily understanding and collecting data about the differences between obligations across all funds with Insight’s native redlining helps asset managers to more efficiently manage their current obligations while informing future negotiations with LPs. Intuitive task management creates an efficient workflow, linked to the underlying language within fund documentation, that saves time and money, reduces risk, and bolsters investor relationships.

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