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World-class contract negotiation and document processing for private markets

Free Yourself From Negotiating Routine Contracts

Recurring contracts bog down investment firms. Insourcing this work pulls staff away from other strategic priorities, resulting in deal delays, missed opportunities, and lower employee morale. Tapping outside counsel incurs hefty hourly rates and distracts law firms from other important work. Document Processing capitalizes on AI-powered software and a global network of specialized contract lawyers to negotiate and process NDAs, non-reliance letters, and other routine agreements quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost.

Move deals faster

Automate contract negotiation and document processing.

Free internal staff

Rely on Ontra’s global legal partner network and free your team to focus on other strategic priorities.

Negotiate better outcomes

Use historical precedent to negotiate from a position of strength.

Lower legal costs

Stop using expensive outside counsel. Redeploy internal resources on high-return initiatives and reduce churn.

The complete solution for negotiating and processing routine contracts

Document Processing pairs AI-powered software with a global network of specialist lawyers to process, negotiate, and manage routine contracts quickly and dependably.


  • Submit contracts for negotiation with one click.
  • Digitize and summarize analog contracts with AI-powered tools.
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  • Tap Ontra’s network of specialized contract lawyers to negotiate on your behalf.
  • Create playbooks to negotiate favorable contract terms quickly and consistently.
  • Track status throughout the contract negotiation process.
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  • Get automated emails with links to contracts that are ready to sign.
  • Execute contracts from any device via DocuSign integration.
  • Automatically store executed agreements on the Ontra platform and send a copy to all signing parties.
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  • Retrieve and review contracts fast with ML-based search tools.
  • Keep relevant parties informed and engaged with automated email notifications.
  • Generate reports of contract key terms to understand historical precedent.
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Getting started is easy

Effortless onboarding

Our account managers will match you to a dedicated team of lawyers, develop a personalized playbook for your program, and customize our software features to best serve your team.

Skilled negotiation

Simply submit a contract for review and we’ll do the rest. Your Ontra lawyers deploy the playbook in a consistent and commercial manner to bring contracts from origination to execution.

Dynamic reporting

Key terms across all of your contracts are aggregated in easy-to-reference reports that allow you to draw upon the full scope of knowledge from your firm’s precedent agreements.

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Example documents serviced:
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Joinders
  • Non-Reliance Letters
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Engagement Letters
  • Purchase Agreement Schedules
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Access Agreements
  • Franchise Documents

500K+ contracts processed for the world’s biggest and fastest growing companies

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