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Free yourself from routine legal work

Keep your high-powered team focused on high-value projects

Experience the advantage of our full-service, purpose-built Document Processing solution for negotiating and managing routine contracts.

Free up internal resources

Outsource entire document processes and empower your organization with our ongoing document and data management.

Reduce turnaround times

Receive fast turnaround times from dedicated, experienced lawyers leveraging top-tier technology to process your documents.

Unlock data-driven insights

Generate data-driven insights across the full suite of your contracts to benchmark against precedent, inform negotiations, and improve results.

Lower your legal costs

Enjoy fixed fees that are a fraction of those charged by a traditional law firm. Reduce the opportunity cost and employee churn caused by using in-house solutions.

The complete solution for negotiating and managing routine contracts

Document Processing complements the work of seasoned lawyers to provide your team with top-tier legal representation, real-time visibility into the status of contract negotiations, and automated tools to track ongoing obligations and notify you of key terms.

Team of experts

Our experienced lawyers and account managers ensure that you receive the best service possible.

  • Our curated network of expert lawyers provide you with personalized, reliable, high-quality representation.
  • Your personal account manager ensures smooth onboarding and consistent, quality output.
  • Our professionals develop a custom-built negotiation playbook that is consistently applied throughout the contract negotiation process.
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Dashboards and reporting

Our document, workflow, and data management tools empower your team to work better, faster, and smarter.

  • Quickly access all of your documents and key terms through one simple dashboard.
  • Provide your team with real-time visibility into the status of active negotiations.
  • Generate interactive reports to track key terms and negotiate from a position of strength.
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Enhanced by AI

Machine learning tools and human-in-the-loop training increase lawyer efficiency and accuracy.

  • Speed up first round turnaround times with automated reviews of red flag provisions, such as non-solicit and standstill clauses.
  • Receive easy-to-reference summaries of key business and legal terms in executed agreements.
  • Configure custom email notifications to alert your team of any upcoming expiration dates or restrictive covenants.
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Want to learn more about Document Processing?

Getting started is easy

Effortless onboarding

Our account managers will match you to a dedicated team of lawyers, develop a personalized playbook for your program, and customize our software features to best serve your team.

Skilled negotiation

Simply submit a contract for review and we’ll do the rest. Your Ontra lawyers deploy the playbook in a consistent and commercial manner to bring contracts from origination to execution.

Dynamic reporting

Key terms across all of your contracts are aggregated in easy-to-reference reports that allow you to draw upon the full scope of knowledge from your firm’s precedent agreements.

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Example documents serviced:
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Joinders
  • Non-Reliance Letters
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Engagement Letters
  • Purchase Agreement Schedules
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Access Agreements
  • Franchise Documents

400k+ contracts processed for the world’s biggest and fastest growing companies

See Document Processing in action

Learn how Ontra can automate and enhance your routine legal processes.