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Never miss an investor obligation with Insight fund management software

The world’s leading fund managers trust Insight.

Meet all your promises to investors

Fund managers using ad hoc tools run the risk of human error and noncompliance. Insight, an AI-powered SaaS fund management solution, gives firms a scalable way to organize and manage their commitments to investors while ensuring contract compliance.

Centralize contract data

View all commitments made to investors, across all funds, in one location.

Increase negotiation leverage

Quickly understand and benchmark all versions of your legal provisions.

Deliver on promises

Assign ownership and create workflow-driven activities to fulfill contractual commitments.

Accelerate audit responses

Tap into a comprehensive audit trail of all actions taken to fulfill promises to investors.

Unique software solving a unique problem for fund managers

Ontra's dedicated team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and veteran lawyers developed Insight; a unique fund management software. We're at the forefront of combining natural language processing and actionable AI.


  • Turn physical fund contracts and their commitments into structured data.
  • Sort data into off-the-shelf categories generated by Ontra’s analysis of the tables of contents of compendia representing thousands of fund contracts.
  • Bucket similar commitments into SmartGroups for easy reference.
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  • Organize new contract provisions with SmartSearch, which analyzes a firm’s contract repository and returns results ranked by relevance.
  • Apply filters to quickly locate and reference contractual commitments.
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  • Assign ownership across your firm, such as to finance, IR, or HR.
  • Build workflows using Tasks and Subtasks to manage the work necessary for each commitment.
  • Audit compliance through activity logs automatically created while completing workflows.
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  • Use SmartLine™ to compare an unlimited number of provisions against a single base provision.
  • Reference precedent terms across a contract type to negotiate preferred positions more effectively.
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How Insight works

Document digitization

Upload and digitize your fund documents with assistance from your Customer Success Manager.

Key term abstractions

Summarize each document, extract key terms, and tag and organize fund obligations in a user-friendly interface.

Workflow management

Assign tasks to colleagues and easily audit contract compliance with digital records of completed work.

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Example documents serviced:
  • Limited Partnership Agreements
  • Managed Account Agreements
  • Side letters
  • MFN Election Forms

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