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Transform your fund obligations with Insight

Take control of meeting your obligations

Asset managers are deeply invested in ensuring that the obligations outlined in complex fund documentation are reliably met. Agreeing to obligations is one thing; fulfilling them is another. With Insight, you can proactively organize, benchmark, and manage your obligations across all your funds.

Save time

Organize all obligations in a single dashboard. Streamline future fundraising and negotiations by leveraging precedent language and analyzing trends across funds and Limited Partners.

Strengthen investor trust

Proactively manage fund obligations, access specific agreement language and requirements, and respond to investor requests in real-time.

Drive accountability

Assign tasks to individuals across departments through built-in workflow tools. Analyze the status of work streams across your firm in real-time.

Reliably audit compliance

Monitor and audit every obligation through digital records of who in your organization did what and when. Export records as custom reports, providing auditors with the exact information they’ve requested.

Organize and actively manage
obligations across all funds

Insight removes the complexity of compliance across obligations and provides the ability to align around quick and easy analysis of your obligations.

Organize obligations

Turn fund documents into structured data to build a single source of truth to make informed decisions.

  • Get full visibility into all your obligations from an intuitive, centralized dashboard.
  • Tag specific obligation language, turning it into actionable, structured data.
  • Quickly filter and search through large amounts of information to make data-driven decisions.
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Manage workflows

Drive accountability and compliance across the organization with systematic workflow management.

  • Assign and track obligation ownership across your firm and hold owners accountable.
  • Reference agreements directly in Insight instead of engaging outside counsel with one-off questions.
  • Audit compliance through digital records of who completed what and when.
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Benchmark provisions

Understand obligations by benchmarking them against precedent to better deliver on promises.

  • Easily understand the nuanced differences between many similar provisions with SmartLine™.
  • Analyze trends in documentation via intuitive reporting.
  • Leverage analysis of historical document data to anchor future negotiations on better terms.
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How Insight works

Document digitization

Upload and digitize your fund documents with assistance from your Customer Success Manager.

Key term abstractions

Summarize each document, extract key terms, and tag and organize obligations in a user-friendly interface.

Workflow management

Assign tasks to colleagues and easily audit compliance with digital records of completed work.

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Example documents serviced:
  • Limited Partnership Agreements
  • Side letters
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Term Sheets
  • License Agreements
  • Credit Agreements
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Vendor Contracts

Leading firms rely on Insight to save time and money, strengthen investor trust, and drive accountability across their organizations

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