Ontra acquires FundFormer to optimize the fundraising process

June 28, 2022

I’m pleased to announce Ontra acquired FundFormer, a solution that enables alternative asset managers to raise funds faster and more efficiently while providing a superior experience for their investors.

FundFormer is the leading electronic subscription document provider and works with some of the industry’s most respected asset managers, including Andreesen Horowitz, Silicon Valley Bank, Lightspeed, and Raine. FundFormer’s solution allows asset managers to easily initiate and track the fundraising process while significantly improving the experience for their investors. In combination with Insight, our fund obligation management solution, Ontra will now deliver a comprehensive funds platform that enables asset managers to digitize all essential contract workflows related to fund formation and management – from distributing subscription documents to tracking and analyzing obligations in side letters.

Benefits for asset managers, investors, and law firms

FundFormer provides a comprehensive and purpose-built subscription document solution for sophisticated asset managers. The tool allows fund managers to convert subscription documents, including investor questionnaires, tax forms, and FATCA-CRS, into digital forms. Because parties send, track, and complete these forms electronically in the platform, FundFormer provides a real-time source of truth for fund managers to follow the progress of a fundraise. This includes critical information, such as the amount of capital committed, investor pipeline, and document signing status.

FundFormer also delivers a simple, user-friendly interface to guide investors through completing and executing their subscription documents. This speeds up fundraising, increases investor conversion rates, and provides a better overall investor experience. The tool allows investors to store profiles, giving them the ability to auto-populate forms and ensure the consistency of information across documents and funds. These features save investors time, money, and headache in subsequent fundraises with the ultimate goal of allowing investors to complete subscription documents with only a few clicks.

Finally, FundFormer helps coordinate all parties involved in the fundraising process, including investor relations, legal counsel, and fund administrators. The parties gain a consolidated, real-time view of the status of all steps in the fundraising process. Funds can configure automatic notifications for outstanding items, eliminating manual project management and helping to expedite closing.

Once the fundraise is completed, FundFormer stores all the relevant fund documents and key data extracted from those documents. Parties can easily export this critical information for use in fund administration, regulatory compliance, and future fundraises, helping to eliminate manual data entry and errors across various workflows and functions.

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Ultimately, FundFormer streamlines the fundraising process for fund managers, investors, and third parties by providing a seamless digital subscription experience from a centralized, user-friendly interface. I’m thrilled FundFormer is now part of Ontra, and we can deliver a comprehensive funds platform that enables asset managers to digitize all essential contract workflows related to fund formation and management.

Since Ontra was founded in 2014, we’ve focused on building a next-generation platform that allows the private markets to automate and enhance all critical contract workflows, from routine agreements such as NDAs and vendor contracts to complex agreements such as LPAs and side letters. Our acquisition of FundFormer reaffirms our commitment to putting the most innovative solutions to work for our customers.

If you’d like to see FundFormer in action, reach out to us for a demo. I’m sure you’ll agree that FundFormer will change the game when it comes to fundraising.

– Troy Pospisil

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