Criteria for Selecting B2B Service Providers

While private asset managers can benefit from legal outsourcing arrangements, not all service providers offer technology, expertise, and solutions appropriate for private market workflows. Managers must carefully evaluate potential service providers to ensure new relationships have the greatest chance of success.

This white paper explores critical selection criteria for B2B service providers, including:
  • The People: The success of an outsourcing relationship depends on the provider’s leadership and the team that will handle a fund manager’s account day after day.
  • Products and Services: A company may have a beautiful website that paints a compelling story about its products and services, but make sure the vendor can back up those claims.
  • The Business: Look into the vendor’s financial durability, longevity, global reach, and data security.
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About the Author

Troy Pospisil
Founder / CEO Ontra

Troy is the Founder and CEO of Ontra. Prior to Ontra, Troy worked in private equity investing at H.I.G. Capital. Earlier, he worked in management consulting at Monitor Deloitte. Troy holds a B.A. from New York University. In his spare time, Troy enjoys sailing, biking, reading, and spending time with his family.

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